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Emma Busk

LANTRA-accredited independent bit and bridle fitter

Emma Busk is a highly-qualified, LANTRA-accredited independent bit and bridle fitter. Emma’s motivation for studying bit and bridle fitting developed when a change of bit for a particularly challenging horse prompted a huge improvement in behaviour, performance and well-being and ignited her desire to fully understand the factors that determine suitability and fit of both bit and bridle.

Having developed a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the equine head and oral cavity, cranial nerves and muscular and myofascial connections, Emma employs this knowledge to remove bitting and bridle fitting issues that impede a clear, comfortable and harmonious communication between horse and rider. She has worked with combinations across all disciplines, from leisure riders to professionals. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and providing horse owners with the tools to assess and adjust their horses’ bit and bridle combinations, giving regular talks and demos and dispel the Myths, Marketing and Misinformation that are so prevalent!

Emma has almost 40 years equine experience, and evented at Novice level in her youth but now concentrates mainly on dressage. She is also a hobby breeder of sport horses.  When not working with the horses, she is Chief of Staff at Aria Grace Law CIC (the UK’s only not-for-profit law firm) with an Equine Law division that donates all profits to Spinal Research UK.

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