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Helen Stock Head of Operations

Helen Stock

Head of Operations.

Helen Stock is Head of Operations at Fox Red Media, a Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media and Video Production company. She works tirelessly to make sure that the DrDavidMarlin.com website, membership, and social media channels run smoothly, whilst developing new ideas and initiatives.

Helen’s team consist of some of the very best marketing and brand experts. Fox Red has regularly commented on the need for an independent voice in the equestrian sector that speaks with authority and who can be relied upon as a trustworthy, reliable source, not influenced by marketing spend or historic reputation.

After working with Dr David Marlin for many years, it soon became apparent that there was an opportunity for him to spearhead the creation of a new club that provided horse owners with credible, unbiased product reviews, surveys, latest research findings and a wealth of other information, communicated out by David and other experts. And so DrDavidMarlin.com was born.

Fox Red and Dr David jointly bring you this exciting platform and will continue to evolve the membership in line with the needs and aspirations of horse owners all over the world.

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