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Dr. Dave Davies

Dr David Davies is the son of a farmer from the Welsh Border country. He carried out a degree in Microbiology at Aberystwyth University, followed by a PhD jointly at the University of Manchester and the former Grassland Research Institute at Hurley. 

Dave graduated with his doctorate entitled ‘Growth and Survival of Anaerobic Fungi in Batch Culture and in the Digestive Tract of Ruminants’ in 1991. After his PhD he remained working predominantly at the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research in Aberystwyth.

Dave has been involved in many projects – all focused on improving silage quality for meat and milk production from ruminant livestock in an environmentally and economically sustainable way. From 2007 he led the silage research portfolio at the Institute. He has been involved in the development and assessment of a wide range of forage additives and has spoken and published widely on the subject.

In April 2010 he left the Institute at Aberystwyth set up his own company called Silage Solutions, aimed at providing new products and impartial advice to the agricultural community in its broadest sense.

Today, Dave continues to conduct research for third parties including NGOs and commercial companies. He also has long standing associations with research establishments in the UK and Europe.

Articles by Dr. Dave Davies

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